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Let's Write:

There isn't one way to say it, that you're feeling the "writing bug". But many know how much time and attention goes into perfecting our words. Lots! Take for example the essay.

A personal essay makes a great story. I think to the days of school applications, and remember piecing together short memories to illustrate what seemed to be a past worth sharing. What happens when you can't stop adding in information?

I tell you this: when you have so many ideas that even an essay is overflowing, now we're writing! And making sense of your past is all the more fun when you're held to a strict deadline, haha!

I've often had to make plans around my writing because I know that once I get underway, I won't want to stop. And this happened mostly in college. Papers due for coursework were written in editorial office fashion: no stopping until completion. And the more work, the merrier! Believe it or not! It's just a love affair here. How about you?

Take a moment to stop adding to your essay. Review. Then write what follows best next. If you are enjoying the process, your reader will enjoy the result! Let's write!

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