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Great Authors: You

Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home. - James Joyce

This Irishman had much to say about living well, and parting our earth just as remarkably. And with so many greats - so many fantastic authors come and gone - the notion is well-received. I would like to point out one more well-known author's sentiments on writing as a whole:

“A word after a word after a word is power.” - Margaret Atwood

Do you believe that people can make up such fairytales and kingdoms from just a few character descriptions? Do you have the sense that this author you're currently reading (not me, but your book!) has a way with words so entrenched in his/her vocabulary that removing one sentence could alter the course of his/her story altogether? If you feel the draw, it is due to one thing: the great author in you.

You might not put pen to paper all the time, and you may consider yourself a natural reader and listener more than orator extraordinaire, but the fact remains that when you are reading and assessing another's linguistic take on life, let's say, you are applying several psychological factors:

1) Neurological Pathways enliven;

2) Creative and Sensory Receptors engage; and

3) Vocalizations and Turns of Phrase are mentally processed for easy recall.

The list goes on, but this blog post doesn't! What's most important to gather here is that you are in charge of your reading experience. And that's cool news.

- MJ Text Style

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