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Women's History Month and MJ Text Style

Many have written at the start of the month what Women's History Month brings to mind for them and their business. I took this month to reflect on where I'm headed, looking back upon the strong women in my personal history who have gotten me to where I am today.

Renaissance Woman
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My grandmother owned and managed a hair salon in her home country. As the boss, she developed her interpersonal skills and made acquaintance with the surrounding community. Her sister, my great aunt, opened up a home business in Maryland, much like I have done, and she kept her marketing word-of-mouth among neighbors and the like. Her specialty? Hair, like her sister's expertise!

What I took away from this reflection is that the women of my history were very adept at making their dream a reality. On my website, I added a ticker that states MJ Text Style celebrates Women's History Month, and it runs across the bottom of the internet page on the desktop browser. It's the least *and most I can afford to do at this time to truly advertise a cause. In the past, I have incorporated location rental and activities related to reading and writing for adults and for children, and maybe in the future, I will return to these community roots. But for now, I must focus solo and online, including hosting the monthly affiliated MJ TS Book Club via And wish women a wonderful new year, whatever their dreams may be!

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