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How To 'Book Club'

This year, one thing to add to your schedule is the Book Club! Many ways exist to join and participate. As with MJ Text Style's book club affiliation, welcome the MJ TS Book Club - held every last Sunday of the month via Zoom (details per event found on

MJ TS Readers enjoy all genres, 12 books per year (mostly). Books aren't limited to typical novel format, either. One selection was a guide to pet care with a sizeable introduction by the veterinarian author!

Something to remember about your book club is that everyone attends to share their fundamental thoughts on the topic or characters. So try to read as much of your monthly selection as possible. You won't regret it!

If you are looking to contribute more, contact the organizer via email or as otherwise directed, and suggest a book for your club's reading list for that year. MJ TS Book Club tries to schedule books as they come up as suggestions from the members...

Bottom line: join a book club for the camaraderie. Explore your literary horizons. Have fun!

MJ Text Style

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