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The Art of Reading

Here and in the binding of your book lies a statement for the savvy reader: "Grab your chair tightly before lift-off!" Wherein the writer provides setting and circumstance, the reader brings miracle-making gestures and enjoyment! It's the Art of Reading!

Reading at any age brings delight and fantastical journey to the fore. Do you remember your first storyteller's experience? The storyteller selected a book from the shelf - picked by your group - and brought the pages to life with action and gesture. Those stories stay top-of-mind for us as we get older; the book the storyteller read.

Now, the genre you're reading, and the age group associated all stem from publishing decisions. The 'art' is lost on the drawing room floor at many publishing houses, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't write how you prefer. Or read how you prefer. With audiobooks and podcasts, the art isn't lost on us yet!

If we go back to the printed page, think of setting personified. The sea: it ebbs and flows with the moon, and the waves crash onto the shore so loudly, every time. All day and night, the sea hawk and the dolphin make waves their friends. Then the sea takes a turn for the worse on moonlit nights, under harsh winds and turbulent waves, says the book. "Masterful motion propels this ship, captain. The fish are swimmin' for their lives!" Do you feel intensity?

Do you grasp the book a bit closer to your gaze? Are those fish trying to tell you something?! The sea calms around the next chapter, and the fishermen all rejoice: "We've seen the worst! Beams of light hit the sails, Captain. I've never seen the likes of such shimmer. The compass points northeast toward the frill of cape inlets and plentiful docks. Hurrah!"

This is a notion a reader can truly feel! The art of reading is in the words, spoken, performed, or read. Find your favorite avenue and have at it!

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