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If you have ideas about what to tell an audience, then you could be an author! Sit and wonder what it means to craft idyllic locales, or make magic through character building. The beauty lies in the colorful text!

Maybe tonight is a meat and potatoes kinda night: who dun it, who was there, why did it happen. The culprit spells doom, and the heroine is a visionary. If the context comprises of description and fanciful writing, try spilling the beans for a messy ending. What that means is that only after the reader is transported to a destination far away will he or she be able to decipher the ending. Most often, this approach carries out in mystery novels. "Messy ending" stories carry much weight, such as in sci-fi or thrillers, too.

Taking into consideration the future of your characters, please be mindful to approach the art form of character development with caution. Always prepare to defend their actions, and seldom apply inference, or assumption, that the reader will be able to determine what your character is going to do. That's it!

Maybe in time, the right mix of description and delightful hero will grace your pages. Keep it colorful!

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