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To Another Year Passing

Years ago, I wondered about keeping a small business alive. "How do you sleep at night?" "When do you make time to make time??" But the reality set in with every passing client: no one matters more than the next. Every client means the world!

So, to sum up what I had been fretting over, keep customers happy. And everything else will fall into place.

In this season of giving and community, let's come together to brighten up the pathways toward clear thoughts and bright ideas! MJ Text Style is offering 20% off any project 1,000 words or less. If you want to discuss your manuscript, that includes a free sample edit. Inquire within!

Making jolly with the neighbors... Having pie with family and friends... Reaching for the stars of tomorrow in the light of the coming year. May we all be merry and bright.

Happy Holidays from MJ Text Style!

MJ Text Style

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