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Taking Time to Write

Perchance a dance, perchance a sit. Never stop moving. Don't think to quit.

I love rhymes. They make the world go 'round on days when everything is already upside down. And if I tell myself that I can take a break from trying to make things meet in the middle - with a funky twist - I'm kidding myself! But it's just a hobby. I've only had one poem published, in an anthology that seemed too crafty to be truly established! I mailed $8 or so dollars for the hardcover book and shipping costs, and received a nice enough example of poetry, my poem on the first page. It was sweet, to say the least. And I've since lost the book, I believe, in the shuffle of moves and new apartments to my name.

This is a personal statement, as I find some time to write. MJ Text Style is run by me, Marcella Jones (MJ). If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me or find me on Instagram as @mjtextstyle. It's a pleasure finding content to provide for all the various social media outlets, and of course, the blog.

independent dancer on tap shoes, writing analogy
Balancing for the art, bringing spunk to the written page.

What I want to add about making time to write is this: I have four projects I'd like to complete before I reach "too old and gray", and they cross genres and lengths. I'm very proud of my ideas, and I'm utterly afraid of putting the pieces together. It always feels so insurmountable a task to tackle at first glance, the construction of a work of writing. But with my experience with MJ Text Style, and all your projects from the past, I know the work ahead is charted territory! Hurrah!

If you feel like becoming a critique partner, and have your own works of writing to discuss, get in touch!

Be well,

Marcella Jones

MJ Text Style

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