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Starting From Scratch

I find you most heartwarming and able. Do you believe in the magic of a brand new year?

See above. The pile of lumber is ripe for the designs we have at hand, you and me, the future. See below...

Do you have a goal with your writing?

#PowerVibes as five points:

  1. Make one draft entirely complete. Have fun with this process!

  2. Tell yourself that each chapter is a story about the ending of the book.

  3. If you are struggling with the main character's P.O.V. for a time, make him/her comedic first. Just a thought!

  4. Tell of a time in your story or article that describes modern living.

  5. Making note of #4 above, wrap up this session with a tagline. It could be a real nod to your topic, or to your future one!

If you have any questions about this post, feel free to contact me anytime. Email or phone is available, so leave a message with your name and specific details to discuss. I'm around Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

BY THE WAY: Look for me, Marcella Jones, on Meetup! Three different groups host a myriad of writing-related topics with events every month. January is especially busy. Start with "JSTOR Article Reading Group" for kicks!

Best wishes this new year,

Marcella Jones

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