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Conversations In Color

"Like Q1: Always, As The Beginnings"

The following includes Summer 2024

TBA: "Let's Guide Ourselves"

Hosted by Marcella J.

It would be nice to travel this month, no? Let's go to a neat space: self-guided meditation with prompts.

Join via Zoom at the end of the month in the winter evening hour of 7:00PM to indulge in a pictorial journey to soothe the senses...

Marcella J. is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Guided Meditation: MJTS
Time/Date: TBA

TBA: "Summer Structures"

Hosted by Marcella J.

Taking in a new view would be ideal for many of us who work in offices. The structure of the day is open forum: ask a question and we'll brainstorm the solution options... Have you ever tried this before? Let's jostle the noggin for your next writing project!

Marcella J. is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Q1 Summer Structures: MJTS
Time/Date: TBA

Marcella Jones - Headshot (straight hair).jpg

Hello! I'm Marcella J.!

I write music and I write expository tales. I also edit and I love to do this. There's nothing better than meeting someone for a cup of tea or coffee and a discussion about their project and their preferred style!

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Looking To Connect?!

I'm always looking to meet new people. Let's discuss our options!


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