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Parallel Lines

Enter "Me": How to Structure Your Jargon

Many times, we fail to remember that all words do not speak equally. If you still believe that "wonder" means "to figure out", you are sorely mistaken. I think the goal here is two-fold: 

1) define terms; and 2) realize action. Read on!


1. Never Lose Sleep

If you feel that people are going to misunderstand your writing materials, focus on editing and punctuation. This means your words are subject to every masterful touch on the page...


2. Can You Change Tense?

It seems to be that every document has a way about its direction and understanding. Maybe it means telling the audience that the past is the present...


3. Follow Your Instinct

One, two, three: There is a place for every thought you have. But you must make sure to understand that people are above the hype. So let's discuss innuendo and tell it like it is...

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